Vespa P125 Motor Rebuild

Most repair jobs on the Vespa motor are relatively minor, and can be done without taking apart the whole motor. One of the common problems which affect Vespa motors is when the scooter jumps out of gear under power. This requires replacement of parts in the transmission, and thus taking apart the motor. Taking apart a Vespa motor is a big job, but if you break it down into smaller jobs, it is quite manageable.

The scooter that we are working on here had several problems with it, which required more than the basic transmission repair. In addition to working on the transmission, we removed the clutch and crankshaft in order to replace a broken main seal. The only thing which we did not do to this motor was to replace the main bearings. When we had the motor apart, we inspected them, and they were still serviceable.

Follow the arrows to take you through a step-by-step guide of how this job is done

First, some preliminary work of removing a few parts in order to get to working on the motor.

1. It is always a good idea to clean and prepare the area in which you are working.

2. After you have done that, you'll want to lift the rear end of the scooter so you can have access to the wheel and motor assembly. If you don't have access to a motorcycle platform lift, lifting the back end can be easily done by placing a piece of wood under the centerstand. Then put a jack under the rear of the frame so the rear wheel is off the ground.

3. Remove the flywheel cover and the flywheel from the motor.

4. Remove the spark plug, and the black hard-plastic cylinder cover.

5. Drain the oil from the motor.

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