Currently Available Vespa Repair Guides

The Haynes manual is one of the few published resources with basic repair information for the Vespa. Countless scooters have been repaired using only this manual. I'm not sure how long it has been in print, but it has to bave been for at least 30 years with no obvious change. This manual purports to cover all Vespa models from 1959 on. However, it really doesn't. The scooter that they work on in this manual is a UK market Vespa 150 VBB. The information given in the manual is fairly useful if you own a 60's Vespa 125 or 150 largeframe. However, the descriptions sometimes leave out significant detail, and the manual can be difficult to follow in parts. There is nothing in the manual for smallframes, and nothing relating to specifics regarding other largeframe models. It is a useful manual for general reference, and is certainly worth getting if you have a 60's 150 or 125 Vespa.

This Haynes manual is the edition specific to P-series Vespas. The manual isn't perfect, but covers repairs to all major parts of the P-series scooters. As one would expect since it has a narrower focus, this manuals has slightly more detail than the one for the earlier Vespa models. As with the other Haynes manual, it is fairly useful, and worth purchasing if you have a P-series Vespa.

As far as I know, this is the only other Vespa repair guide in print at this time. It bills itself as a complete guide to repairing and restoring a Vespa. The book however, falls far short of that billing. Much of the repair information is fairly similar to what is already found in the Haynes manuals. There are also several areas in the book which advise you to "repair" your scooter in a way which could actually damage it. I suppose this book could be useful for some fairly basic information, but in my opinion, the Haynes manuals are far superior.

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