Currently Available Vespa Coffee Table Books

This was one of the first of the Vespa coffee table books to come out in the U.S. Luckily it is still in print. It does not have a lot of text, but does have a huge amount of very interesting photographs. Unfortunately, they are all in black and white. The book is focused on Vespas in the UK, and the photos and photo captions give the reader a good idea of the history of Vespas in Great Britain. Along the way, you also get a good sense for the different Vespa models, and get to see some nice period advertisements and brochures.

"Vespa Bella Donna" had been in print for a long time. It is a small format soft cover book. It has an interesting layout. Half of the book is text, and the other half is made up of color pictures from the various Piaggio pin-up calendars made in the 50's, 60's, and 70's. What makes this book unique is that each half of the book is completely separate from the other. Not only that, but each is printed from front to middle. So when you are reading the text, the photos begin on the back cover and go toward the middle of the book, and vice-versa. The text is in German. However, even if you do not speak a word of German, this book is well worth purchasing. The calendars which Piaggio produced are really great, and since they are so rare, this is probably the only place that most of us will actually get to see what they looked like! This book is in print in Europe, though not technically available in the US, I have sometimes seen it for sale in the US through various scooter shops.

"Vespa Mi Amore" is probably one of the best books for Vespa history out there. It has a lot of text and detailed information on the scooters and their history. Unfortunately it is in German, so if you can't read German, you'll have to content yourself with the great pictures. This book focuses on German Vespa production, and has a lot of pictures of German market scooters. I wish all Vespa books were this informative! Since it is not printed in English, it is naturally only available in Germany.

The "Scooter Bible" is the excellent follow up to the Dregni brothers' previous work, the "Motorscooter Buyers Guide." It appears that the Motorscooter Buyers Guide is out of print now, and is superceeded by this book. The Scooter Bible is an ambitious work, and aims to provide basic information on every scooter ever made. This is a must own book. It really expands on the previous book, by providing more context to the various periods of scooter popularity. It is also a much larger book, both in physical size and in page count. It boasts a lot of color photographs and brochures throughout. There is a short section on the Vespas, but in the context of the book and its encyclopedic scope, it is appropriate. However, if you are looking for a whole book of Vespa-specific information, you won't find it here. Overall, this book is excellent, and well worth the price.

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