Paul's Vespas

I have owned quite a few Vespas over the years. Currently the garage includes a 1959 G.S. VS5, German made Vespa T/4, 1964 VBB (apart for restoration), 1964 Vespa 90, 90 Super Sprint (German model), 1967 Sears Sprint, 1971 Rally 180, 1974 125 Primavera (restoration project), 1984 PX150 (U.S. model), 2002 PX200 Millenium.

This is a fun photo of me on my GS. It was taken by Pete Cervantes at the Santa Cruz Classic scooter rally in 2007. This scooter was restored by Josh at Bulletproof scooters in Santa Rosa California. I have had it for about six years, but have not been able to ride it much. I have been struggling with ignition problems on this scooter for years. It sure does look great though! When it runs, it is very fast and comfortable. It is pretty amazing to me that a 50 year old scooter can ride as nice as this one does.

This is my 90SS. I bought this scooter while I was living in Germany about ten years ago. It would not pass the strict German Tuv registration, so I was able to buy it for a very good price. This is a German model, and I believe that it was actually assembled in Germany. I have since assembled all the correct parts to restore this scooter back to original, and am now waiting to find the time to actually do the work.

This photo of my '67 Sears Sprint was taken by Richard Miller for an article in Scoot Quarterly a few years ago. This scooter is unrestored, and has actually never been driven. That's right, this scooter has never seen the road, ever, since 1967. The original owner had left it in the original packing crate for thirty years! Everything is 100% untouched on this perfect time capsule. It is now on display at First Kick scooters in San Francisco... but I'd consider selling it to the right person.

This is my '71 Rally 180. I have owned this scooter for about 15 years, and it has always been totally reliable. I bought it in Tucson, Arizona from the original owner. Eventually I plan to do a tear down and repaint with the original color. The red is still the original paint, but it is certainly showing its age now.


This was a 90 Super Sprint I used to own. I found this scooter as you see it in Oakland California. I bought it from an antique dealer down the street from my house. I was looking for a bookshelf, and found at Super Sprint! He had hung it from the ceiling of his loft as an art piece for many years. Alas, some things that are too good to be true, actually are. The scooter had actually been stolen from someone else years before. After seeing this picture on the site, the owner, who still lived closeby, was reunited with his scooter. Good karma, that's for sure, since I would certainly want to get any scooter back which had been stolen from me. Too bad for me that it was stolen though, since I spent a lot of time and money on it while I had it. What added insult to injury was that the owner, upon getting it back, was completely rude to me. Oh well, I guess it takes all types. I hope he enjoys riding it, and I hope I see it on the road someday.