Scooterlounge Vespa Photo Gallery

Through years of riding and repairing scooters, I have seen many hundreds of Vespas. Not many of them were in clean original condition, or correctly restored. Honestly, not everyone is interested in that kind of scooter. One of the things that keeps scootering interesting for me, and for many other people, is the diversity of "schools" of scooterist. Most people opt to customize their scooter in one way or another, be it for speed or style. This is a Gallery of very clean original bikes as well as customs that I personally found interesting. You'll find many detail photos here to dig into, so enjoy!

This page is a (slow) work in progress. Bear with us as we expand the gallery.

Paul's Vespas

Dano's Vespa

Steve's Vespas

Photos of Paul's modified 1964 Vespa 90.

Photos of Gianluca's restored 1954 Allstate Vespa.