SX200 Restoration Project


You should make sure you have all your parts before you start prepping your bike for paint. Below is a quick list of the parts that get painted for an SX200, your bike might be slightly different (did I miss anything?):

  • Frame
  • Forks - Make sure they don't paint the top tube or bearing races.
  • Legshields
  • Headset - Top
  • Headset - Bottom
  • Horn Switch Mount - Not usually painted.
  • Horncasting
  • Grill
  • Front Fender
  • Rear Fender
  • Front Hub - Left - Mask off important areas before handing them off to the painter.
  • Front Hub - Right - Mask off important areas before handing them off to the painter.
  • Footboard - Left
  • Footboard - Right
  • Footboard support
  • Bridge Piece
  • Side Panel - Left
  • Side Panel - Right
  • Gas Tank - The tank should be sealed BEFORE paint as the sealing proces can strip the paint.
  • Gas Tank Flap
  • Gas Tank Straps - 2 pieces
  • Glove Box
  • Glove Box Door
  • Air Box
  • Air Box Elbow
  • Air Scoop
  • Fan Shroud
  • Cylinder Shroud
  • Tail Light Housing
  • Choke Plate
  • Front Wheel Rim - 2 pieces
  • Rear Wheel Rim- 2 pieces
  • Spare Wheel Rim- 2 pieces - not necessary but you might as well get it done while you're at it.
  • Rear Hub - Don't paint the inside brake surface!
  • Center Stand
  • Splash Plate
  • Seat - Usually glossy black
  • Seat Post - Usually glossy black
  • Exhaust - Usually gets silver paint
  • U-bend - Usually gets silver paint

That's a lot of parts that need to be prepped. I counted 40 for my bike. You might want to make a spreadsheet of all the parts you have and their issues (or maybe you're not as ADD as me?) so you can keep track of everything.

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