SX200 Restoration Project


Go ride your awesome bike!

I spent a lot of time tweaking the bike to make sure everything was running right. During the build I chipped the paint in a number of places, got frustrated and quit a few times, and generally berated myself for not getting some details perfect. But ya know what...after all was said and done I'm super happy with my bike and I think it turned out great. It runs like a clock, shifts like butter, and starts quickly every time. I rip around town all the time and feel a great sense of pride in the fact that I restored the bike myself. This poor bike had been beaten like a rented mule all of its life and now it lives again with fresh parts and a warm garage. Hopefully it will be around longer than me.

A few notes about my bike:

  • Progressive fork springs
  • Nylon cable outers
  • Rebuilt motor
  • 12v Electronic ignition
  • Original SX200 from Germany (Scoot66 imported bike)
  • Frame straightened and dialed in by Casa Lambretta
  • Forks checked by Casa Lambretta
  • Softer clutch springs

You can also see what goes into a professional restoration at Rimini Lambretta Centre. For about 10,000+ EU you can get an awesome restoration.

You can also see the first few steps of a restoration here at Cambridge Lambretta Works.

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Restoration Steps