SX200 Restoration Project

Checking Your Parts - Continued


Your engine and gear box are the heart of your bike and there are a million details about this area that I won't go into but I will say this, make sure you have someone awesome rebuild it for you as it will make a HUGE difference in how much you enjoy your bike. I rebuilt mine and it turned out fairly crappy. It ran but the shifting sucked and it made me not want to drive the bike. I had a friend go through it for me and DAMN, I was shocked at how much of a difference it made. The clutch was easy to use and I could click into any gear I wanted while sitting at a stoplight with very little effort. Butter smooth. It makes riding a joy.

A word about eletronic Ignition

When I first started my restoration I wanted to be a purist. I loved seeing that coil attached to the frame and figured "That's the way they came new so that's how my bike is going to be". I put everything together, got the bike assembled and was ready to kick start it for the first time. Guess what? It started right up on the 4th kick! VROOM! Guess what happened next? It wouldn't start no matter how much we kicked or pushed. After a while of playing with the carb and checking things I swapped out the coil from a running bike. Vrooom, it started up again. My brand new coil lasted about 1 minute. Ok..bad coil, now on to enjoying my bike. After about the 4th time it wouldn't start in a normal amount of kicks I got pissed and hated riding my new bike. WTF? That's just not cool. My buddy told me again and again, get eletronic ignition if you want to enjoy your bike. The next day I ordered a system and my buddy an I installed it.

I've had the electronic system for a while now and haven't looked back. Do yourself a favor, get an electronic ignition kit for your motor. It's worth every penny. Also, the stock Lambretta ignition system is a piece of junk and unless you have tons of patience and are a glutton for punishment and hate riding your bike then get yourself an electronic ignition kit and the proper wiring harness.

Notable Markings:

  • Along the bottom of the cylinder head there was a 5/8ths diameter circle with the number 200 within the circle found on gasket surface.
  • The manifold had a reverse of 200 number inside a small circle found on cylinder head, 3/8ths inch impression of letter X both found on gasket surface.
  • Intake has 'Innocenti I Logo' above part number (19 61 1004) on top of intake pipe. '200' imprinted on top between bolt holes. Blurry FIB logo above 'A-2061' part number imprinted on bottom of intake pipe.
  • Inside of engine side cover was the part number (19.91.0002), Innocenti Logo, F.P. logo.
  • The engine case had the part number (19.61.0054), Innocenti Logo, F P B Logo, A-1592, BIS
  • I also noted that the chain has 'Regiwa Extra' name printed on each link.

Problems: Lots of wear and tear that needed to be fixed but overall the cases were in great shape.

  • Glazed barrel
  • Worn out chain guards
  • Improperly shimmed gear plate
  • So much more....
  • Hand it off to someone that knows what they are doing. Money well spent.
  • I should have had my cases soda blasted so make the uber-awesome but alas, I didn't.

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