SX200 Restoration Project

Building Tips

I'm not going to walk you through every step of the assembly process as I generally don't remember every step I took (and it's covered in the restoration guide I linked to earlier) but I will tell you this, take your time and test fit the part into place to make sure it fits well, isn't rubbing anyting else, and you have the proper nuts and bolts ready. Here is a list of tips for various areas of the bike:

  • Grips - before mounting the grips use a hair dryer to get them really warm. Once warn they will be very pliable and will be easy to slide/wiggle in to place.
  • Shifter/Switch Mount - I put a nice coat of anti-seize on the mounting surfaces so they would slide into place and not be prone to getting gunked up over the years.
  • Cables - Lube your cables before you attach them to the bike.
  • Zip ties are your friend
  • Don't over-tighten nuts and bolts, it will crack the paint and you don't want that.
  • A little thread lock goes a long way.
  • Use some high-temp gasket sealer on the u-bend where it attaches to the motor and the exhaust to stop leaks.
  • Uhm...don't be drunk?

Finish The Build

Did I miss anything? Is there oil in the engine case? Do your wheels turn freely and your brakes work? Are your tires inflated to the proper pressure? Does it kick over easily? Did you adjust your clutch yet? Is there gas in the gas tank? New motors get a richer mixture, did you mix oil in with the gas?

Ready? Set? GO! If you're lucky it will start in a few kicks as the gas makes it's way to the carb for the first time.

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