Scooterlounge Lambretta Photo Gallery - Our Scoots

Here are a few pictures of bikes owned by the crew:

Dano has completed the restoration of his SX200. This bike is all-Italian with some modern updates including:

  • Progressive fork springs
  • Electronic ignition
  • Fresh paint
  • Machined front disc brake (works like a dream)
  • Rebuilt motor
  • Modern nylon cable outers
  • ...and lots of love building her.

Dano's SerIII Li125 is almost completly original and is a dependable runner. He sold it to a friend of the site in early 2013.

This is Paul's SX200. It is in totally original condition with very low miles. Even the seat is original. It runs great and looks incredible. He's owned several SX's over the years, but this one is the best original bike he's seen, and is certainly a keeper.

This is Paul's Li150 Special. It has been owned by several of his scooter club friends over the last decade, but is now in Paul's garage. It has a 175 top end with mild street porting, electronic ignition, a Mikuni carb, and a BGM exhaust. It is a surprisingly fast scooter and a lot of fun to ride.

Steve used to own this pretty sweet TV175. It was an early TV, with the LI style panels. He sold it to a friend of the site, and we still see it around.