Lambretta TV 200

General Information

The TV 200 was a breakthrough scooter which was originally designed to fill the needs of the sporting/racing oriented British market. Lambrettas were extremely popular in Britain in the early 60's, and that market demanded something even more powerful than the already existing TV175 to compete with the Vespa G.S. in sporting events. Though the scooter was originally designed for the UK, it was also sold in reasonable numbers here in the U.S. Interestingly enough, it was never officially offered for sale in Italy.


The TV200 had identical bodywork as the TV175. The TV's styling differs from the LI Series III in many small ways. The front mudguard and horncasting are more angular than that of the LI. In addition, the headset housed a keyed ignition/light switch in the space that the standard LI had a simple kill switch. The headlight on the TV had an octagonal rim as opposed to the LI's round edge. The cowls on the TV are coved and flatter than the LI's, and they are embellished with two inset alloy flashes on each side. The standard single seat and friction dampeners on the front fork were retained from the series II TV's, though the seat had a slightly different shape on the series III TV from that which was equipped on the series II TV.


Though the TV200 looked the same on the outside as the TV175, under the bodywork, the TV200 sported a larger, more powerful, 200 cc motor. Compared to the competing Vespa G.S. 160, the 10.7 hp TV 200 was the clear performance leader. Mechanically, the TV200 differed from the 175 in the size of the bore, the carburetor, and the gearing. The gearbox on the 200 was set up with taller gears, which were suited for high speed touring.

Bottom Line

This model was the top of the line scooter in its day, and most certainly quite rare here in America. Naturally, it is very valuable. In many years of scootering, I have seen very few here in the western U.S. It is a stylish and powerful scooter and would be no problem to drive daily that is, if you were not worried about damaging such a rare Lambretta.

Number Produced: 14,982

Years Produced: 1963-65

Power Output: 10.75 hp @ 5,700 rpm

  • Rough but restorable = $2000-2500
  • Drivable, but not show = $3000-5000
  • Restored or Excellent Original Condition = $6000-10,000

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