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Sweet Dreams are Made of These


Ooh-la-la! The makings of a very fast motor. Can you name all the tasty goodies in this build?

Polka Dots


Lambretta Love n' Hate


Cleverly painted Lambretta by utterly hip sign painter/artist Nicolai Sclater. His blog is well worth looking at... very, very cool.

Vespa Model


The bag that is on the seat probably costs more than the scooter does...

Lambretta Vogue




This guy is committed... I hope he still loves scooters 15 years from now...

New Chinese Scooters


Gotta agree with this one

They're Only Sleeping

These Vespas are part of an art show in Valencia.

Kick It Over


Vespa In 2-D

This Vespa is part of an art show in Valencia.

Ready To Roll


I think this is a fantastic photo.  Great lighting, great contrast, great personality...  I found it randomly on the internet, so I don't know who shot it.  If you do, let me know so I can give credit where credit is due. 

Happy Friday


Kristi, a friend of the site, sent us a few great photos of her and a nice red Allstate Vespa. I already posted one, here's another. Thanks Kristi! She's involved with, which you may want to check out. The photographer was Rene Soliz with Soliz Images photography.

No Regrets?


I hope he still likes scooters and comics ten years from now... that is going to be a hard tatoo to cover up.

Parking Ticket

American Girl In Italy, 1952


Surely everyone who reads this site knows about this iconic photograph. It is by Ruth Orkin, and is entitled "An American in Italy." It is, truly, a great photograph. From the composition, to the setting, to the expressions on everyone's faces... this photo tells a story.

I've often thought that this photo was staged. To be honest, I never thought that anyone could get this shot without carefully setting it up.

Well, the truth is, it was not staged. You can read the background from the woman in the center of the photo here. It is a good story!

Go buy a print of this photo. It is Valentine's day, and you know this is the only scooter photo that your wife/girlfriend is going to let you hang in your living room! Now you know the story behind it too.

One other interesting thing for us scooterists: After this photo was taken, the guy on the Lambretta gave her a ride, and Ruth Orkin took some shots of it.


Scooter Art: Lego Vespa


Made by artist Eugene Tan.

Via: JackIsNotDull.

Candles and Scooters


Art by Mark Handforth. Via: Hammer.

Great Illustration


Via: Silencetv, hat tip to Ride the Machine.

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