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Keep Scootin!

Hi, Great to read your blog. Very informative and great pics of the scooters in the old days.
In regards to the write up about Vietnamese problem Vespas, the good ones aside, we get many of them in Australia and no scooter shop will touch them.
Except for us, after all they are all Vespa's at heart!
Our shop Vespa2 is based in Cairns Australia and we restore & sell Vespas, Vespa engines, seats, parts etc. We have many years of experience and grew up in England, where we were part of the Mods and Rockers scene.

We will fix any problem Vespa's from Vietnam, Indonesia etc. Quite often their engines are beyond repair and we install brand new PX150 engines (built by us), CDI kits etc.
For more info, check out: