Marketwatch: New GS 160


We all think back, and think it would be really cool to be able to buy a brand new vintage scooter in the showroom - before they were vintage. Well, we can't. Sometimes, you can come close though... and the closest you are likely to be is to find a scooter that somehow didn't get ridden, and was simply stored for 50 years. That never happens, right? It does happen, rarely. Someone found a Vespa GS Series 1, probably one of the most sought after vintage Vespas, that had been stored in a basement and had only been ridden once. You can find it here on Ebay. This is a very special scooter, and I'm sure it will sell for a lot of money. Still, how often can you buy a "brand new" Vespa, and one of the best models they ever made? Get out your checkbook!