Marketwatch: Very Nice Lambretta SX200 For Sale


This seems to be the summer of the SX. This is the third one that has come up for sale in the last couple of months. You can find it here on Ebay. This is by far the best one I have seen for sale in awhile. Usually, when they are this nice, they just pass from one scooterist to another - never popping up in the general market. I suppose the very high prices recently are starting to make people think twice about keeping an SX. It sure does make me think twice about riding mine!

Anyhow, this scoot just checks every box for one of these. The seller says it is un-restored and original. Given that, it is as great as you could ever find. The paint is still shiny and in good condition overall. It shows some use, but really, really, nice overall. The seat looks original to me as well. It still even has the tool kit and owner's manual. What more could you ask for? This will sell for really big money. I bet the guys who paid $9k for the restoration project SX's last month are kicking themselves now!