Vintage Vespa Club Cog Badge

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There are things I just don't see very often. Here is one of those things on Ebay. The vintage Vespa Club cog badges are things people collect, and are reasonably common in Europe. However, it seems like there just were not too many US Vespa Club members. So finding a US cog badge is pretty fun. However, this one is an "Arizona" badge. That has a lot of interest to me, since I grew up in Arizona. However, when you really think about it, this is a crazy rare badge. How many people lived in Arizona in the 50's? Certainly not many. So there could not have been many of these badges made. I've never seen one before. Wow. So I figured I'd make a play for it. I was thinking that it would go for around $60. Boy was I wrong! Sold for $140!!

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