Marketwatch: Sears Tail Light


I've been keeping an eye on this tail light that is on ebay. These came on the very last Allstates and the one-year only Sears Vespas. They also came on the '67 Vespas. I've mainly seen them on Super Sports, but they may have been on other US market scooters as well. It is undoubtedly a cool looking tail light, and compliments the wide rear of the Super Sport and Rally. I am pretty sure these only came on US market scooters, and were not on anything else. So they are kind of rare.

I thought it would be nice to have a spare one of these, and figured I'd bid up to around $40 for it. It is missing the rare - and usually broken - reflectors on the bottom. It appears to have the guts, and has the lens, which is nice. Still, it isn't perfect, which is why I figured it would sell for a reasonable price. Now I went back to check on it, and WHOAH, it is up to $485?!!! What? People are just nuts.