California DMV Fees


Scooterlounge is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and thus, we have a deep and abiding interest (some could call it a hatred) of the California DMV.  Paying the registration fees on a fleet of scooters really adds up.  So we are really keen to figure out ways to pay less, or at least, not pay any unnecessary fees to the Man.

We already gave you, gentle reader, the tools with which to fight any back registration fees on your classic vehicle.  If you forgot, go here and read....

Now, we have become privy to a new online resource to find out in advance whether you'll need to pre-arm yourself for battle.  We give you, the online registration calculator.  You can use it to find out if your chosen vehicle owes back registration fees and penalties. 

Thusly forewarned, you can go to the DMV with the correct law provisions at your fingertips with which to dazzle and delight the clerk opposite you in the window.  You'll be in for a fight, that's for sure.  However, with the law on your side, you should come out victorious.


Hi, how do I log in to view the DMV back fees article? Love the site, appreciate your time! Regards, Andy