Event Report: Garage Move


One of the things I've been busy doing in August was moving my scooters. I had stored most of them in the same rented garage for at least the last five years. The person I had rented from needed the space back, and so, sadly, it was time to move on. As luck would have it, Scooterlounge team member Dano had space in his garage. As the saying goes, as one door closes, another one opens. The big move took a good part of a day, with mutliple truck-loads like the one above.


This is what it looked like in Dano's space as I started filling it up. Scooters and motorcycles aplenty. Suffice to say that the pile 'o bikes that I dropped off took up much less space than the car that Dano used to have stored down there. My Rally is also coming in handy as a reference while he works on his Vespa GS restoration (more on that to come).