Marketwatch: Lambretta Overalls


August 8, 2013 Update: Well, it looks like the hive-mind has spoken. These must have been genuine. They ended up selling for a whopping $800!! There were 13 bids on it. Someone had a rare collectible, that's for sure.

July 27, 2013: Every once in awhile, something shows up on ebay that you just never see. Here is a set of Lambretta work overalls. They certainly look old. The main question is whether they are from the Lambretta factory, or from some shop somewhere (probably in Italy). I am not enough of an expert on the Lambretta factory to know. However, it sure seems like some people with deep pockets think it is a genuine article. As of today, the bidding is over $400! I wonder what they will ultimately sell for. One thing is for sure, they are very cool!

LamOver2.jpg LamOver3.jpg