Garage Time: Vespa Clutch


So, I have a late model Vespa PX 200.  It had clutch problems, so I got some time to open up the motor and take a look.  I was shocked to discover a regular old-style clutch, and not the cosa clutch.  I really have no idea why this motor did not have the cosa clutch in it.  Well, I just so happened to have a cosa clutch lying around, so I took out the clutch that was in there, and put in the cosa.  Above, you see the original clutch on the right, and the cosa clutch in the motor on the left.


I think the cosa clutches use just a nut and lock washer.  However the system in the motor was the old style, and that is what I had lying around.  So I put a new nut and cage on there to get the clutch on.  It isn't really what is supposed to be on there, but it works just fine.

Now, I can actually ride the scooter.  Soon, I'll do a post on how it runs with the SIP road pipe I also installed (but couldn't ride because of the bad clutch).