Garage Time: Lambretta Choke


I had some time to work on the Lambretta recently, and figured it would be good to install the choke kit on the carb.  It has a 24mm Mikuni, and previously, I had to pull off the cowl and manually pull the choke on it when I wanted to start the scooter from cold.  Jet200 sells the conversion kit, but I previously had gotten the wrong style of choke cable, so I was thwarted in my attempts to install it.  Finally, I got the right cable, and it was time to do it up!  As you can see in the photo above, the existing choke is the black plunger on the left side of the photo.  


Here is the new kit that I got from Jet200.  Not a lot of stuff, easy.  So I pulled out the old mechansm, and installed the new cable into the lever on the frame.  Then I threaded the choke end into the brass adjuster as seen above, and attached the cable through the spring and onto the plunger.  Simple. 


The only problem I ran into was that the cable housing end would not fit into the brass adjuster.  So I had to make some "adjustments" to the cable housing.  It kind of looks ugly, but it does get the job done.  When I was finished, it all worked great.  Sweet!  Now I don't have to pull off the cowl every time I want to start the scooter!