Marketwatch: Lambretta TV175 Series II


One of my favorite scooters is the Lambretta TV175 Series II. I just love the lines on the Series II Lambrettas, and of course, the TV175 is the one to have. They do not seem to come up for sale very often in the U.S. However, there is one on Ebay right now, and the seller is using an interesting selling technique. The "buy it now" option doesn't seem to me to be the best way to sell on ebay. I guess we will see whether it works for him.

This scooter has a lot going for it. It clearly has original paint, and also has some really nice accessories. The question on the accessories is whether they are original or reproductions. I'm personally not a huge accessory fan, but some people certainly love them. The original paint is good to have, but in this case, it is not in the best shape. Yes, it is ok, and you could drive it as-is. However, the price he is asking for the scooter is really at the top of the market. For $9,000, I would expect to have original paint in very nice condition (compare to this one), or a high quality repaint. This scooter has neither. So... will someone pull the trigger on a rare scooter? We'll see?