Marketwatch: 1950 MV Agusta CGT


This scooter recently sold at auction in Las Vegas for $4500. It was part of a large collection of MV's that were sold and scattered.

The CGT is an evolution of the "A" series scooter, the 'GT' standing for Gran Turismo. The scooter debuted at the 1950 Geneva Show and was first called the "Popolare", then the "Normale", finally settling on CGT. It had the same engine layout as the CSL, but without body panels to cover the powerplant. The front portion of the scooter used essentially the same components as the CSL. With the exposed engine, the cost savings were considerable; the CGT sold for 175,000 Lira, making it very competitive with its rivals. With 6 horsepower and four gears, the CGT could attain 80 Km/h. With its pressed steel frame, the CGT weighed 86 Kg.