Marketwatch: th' Capn's Lambretta RB200 Special

I just rocked this scooter at Run From The Sun, the Willamette Valley's annual run to the Oregon Coast for camping and partying. Between the hills, the long ride and the sprint home on the freeway, this rally is hard on our little mopeds. Out of 35-ish scooters, six went home on trailers. This one, however, ran flawlessly.


Here are the details of this 1967 Li150 Special.


  • 200cc AF Rayspeed RB20 kit
  • Rayspeed 58x116 Race Crank
  • SX200 Gearbox
  • 5-Plate Clutch
  • SLJ Precision Crownwheel Bushing
  • MBD Chain Tensioner
  • IWIS Chain
  • BGM 120W Stator
  • SIL Flywheel with short fins
  • Polished Chaincase Cover
  • Built On Blasted Li150 Cases w/Matched & Flowed Transfers
  • Lectron 34mm Carb
  • Fresco Exhaust
  • 1,000 Miles On Build

The Rest:

  • Forks Built w/Progressive Springs
  • PM Tuning Front Disk Brake
  • Hidden Hydraulic Master Cylinder
  • Rally Style Legshield Box
  • Dual EGT/CHT Gauge
  • TinyTach Pro Tachometer
  • Brass Quick-Action Throttle Wheel
  • 13-Liter Extended Range Fuel Tank
  • Halogen Headlamp, LED Taillamp
  • Heidenau K61 Tires (~800 Miles) on newer, aftermarket rims
  • Yamaha R1 Shock w/Rudy's Brass Bushings
  • Your Choice of 2 Seats--What's in the pix or a stock Innocenti seat w/original blue cover
  • Your Choice of 3 Sets of Side Panels--Whats in the pix (stamped ScootRS), A set of beat Special/TV panels or a pair of Li panels with louvers and carb holes cut in both sides (carb holes are repairable)

I also have the bridge piece and a spare right side floorboard to replace the cut board.

I have had this Special for about five years and it's gone through a couple incarnations. It obviously isn't about having a shiny show scooter, it's about having a fun and fast scooter that I don't have to worry about getting scratched or rained on. If you're wondering what's up with the wiring, I wired in a switch to route the tail light power to the trailer light socket. You can leave it and everything works fine or you can yard it out pretty easily--it isn't complicated.

$4,800, located in Portland, Oregon. Includes clear Oregon title. Trailer hitch/rear carrier not included.