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Many of us know about and have seen that quintessential scooter film, Quadrophenia. Isn't it great to see one of your hobbies and passions enjoyed by others on the screen and enshrined in cinema? One film that has been making a big buzz in scooter circles lately is Mafioso. This 1962 Italian-language gem received a Golden Globe nomination in '65 for Best Foreign Language Film.

Originally published February, 2009.

The quick description is a Sicilian man moves to Milan, gets a good job, marries a city girl, has children, takes the family on vacation back to Sicily and gets pulled into the old "family business." Director Alberto Lattuada brings a lot of his experience and influence from the neo-realists to play in this film, which teeters somewhere in between the beginning of Italian action films and the neo-realistic.

So what makes this a scooter movie, you ask? Well, that good job I mentioned happens to be at the Innocenti factory! The opening five minutes and closing two minutes of the film are filled with sweeping panoramic views of the inside of the factory at work. We see the main character, Antonio Badalamenti (played by Alberto Sordi) walking through the factory going about his job as supervisor. In the background we see Lambretta frames swinging by on racks, side panels waiting for paint, a stack of Lammy engines and rows of machinery at work. It appears to be shot during the transitional period between Series 2 and Series 3 Lammies. You will also find some Lambros in the background!

It is like a walk through an historic candy store for a Lambretta enthusiast!  My guess is it has received a lot of attention lately because it only recently became available on DVD, but don't quote me on that. If you're looking for more scooters on celluloid then check out, where you'll find a list of 78 more.

Mafioso is available on Netflix, which is where I rented it from. The screen grabs below are right out of the movie and truthfully, it just doesn't get much better than seeing the actual factory at work in it's heyday. I encourage every scooter fan, whether Lambretta or Vespa, vintage or modern, to see this film. It's a nice slice of scooter heritage. And the story itself isn't too bad, either!

You can read about Mafioso on the IMDB at Meanwhile, here are those screen grabs, courtesy of my buddy Izzy. Enjoy!

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Wow, that is cool. I like the big pile of Lambretta motors just lying in the middle of the floor in the background!