From the Archives - Moto Guzzi Galletto


Did you know that Moto Guzzi, the famed Italian motorcycle manufacturer made a scooter?  Indeed they did, and it was a fairly successful scooter at that.  The Guzzi Galletto (or rooster) was a very interesting scooter design.  It can be fairly described as a scooter/motorcycle hybrid.  It had large 17" wheels and a large 160-200cc motor.  In many ways, it was an early version of the large wheeled scooters which are very popular today.  In the 50's, when it was first produced, the large wheels would have been very nice, given the sad state of the roads in Italy at that time.  The motor was centrally mounted, and it had a single sided rear swingarm, much like today's motorcycles.  Though the model pictured above does not have it, most of the Gallettos had a spare tire mounted in front of the legshields (click here for photos with the spare).  All in all, it is a neat scooter.  I have only rarely seen one for sale here in the US, but I believe they were sold here.  Click here (page 1) and here (page 2) for a vintage Galletto road test.