About Us

Paul Sachelari - Site Founder
Paul is responsible for all the content on Scooterlounge. He has written all the text, and scanned almost all of the photos. He started the site circa-1996 by teaching himself to write basic html when there were very few scooter-specific sites on the internet.

Daniel Grove - Web Design Maistro
Dano has designed the whole site from top to bottom. Without him, this site would look straight out of geocities. He has spent many many hours working on how to make this site work, and patiently teaching Paul how to write code. Daniel is the reason the site looks so great, and runs so well.

Steve Calderon - Server Support, Web Design
Steve has hosted the site on his server for many many years. He is the man behind the blog, having created all the special coding to allow the blogging software to integrate seamlessly into the rest of the site. He also wrote the classifieds page on the previous version of the site.

Jay H. - Writer for the Scooterlounge Blog
Jay is a vintage scooter collector from New England, with a particular interest in oddscoots and sidecars.

Dave Schwanke - Writer for the Scooterlounge Blog
Dave specializes in Lambretta content. He is active in the Lambretta Club USA and leads their in-house publishing team. You can find him on Twitter as th_capn and Facebook as ThCapn.

Richard Miller - Art Design
Richard did all the illustrations for the entry page and the headers for the site. To see more of his work, look here.

Special thanks also go to the people who have assisted me with material and inspiration over the years: